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A Growing Global Challenge

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Improving Access to Quality Care for the millions suffering from infertility

Infertility is becoming a global problem with birth rates dropping across the World. Up to 15% of all couples globally (and in some countries as many as 25%) are unable to conceive by natural means. They need access to high quality Fertility Care and for many, the best option is at a fertility clinic specialized in Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART), also known as “IVF” (In-Vitro Fertilization) or “ICSI” (IntraCytoplasmic Sperm Injection).

So far 9 million babies have been born using ART and with further impact by a changed lifestyle (rise of NCD’s and obesity), a more general acceptance of LBGTQ+ couples, social freezing and not least increased prosperity and new financing initiatives we could in principle see the “IVF Baby” number 200 million born by year 2100. 

As with other specialty physician segments, the ART industry is about to undergo massive changes in technologies, power structures, financing of care and patient engagement. Both Suppliers and Clinics will consolidate into larger platforms and new patient and insurance platforms will emerge.

Regardless of assumptions, the numbers are staggering and Fertility Care is, from an investment perspective, about to become one of the most attractive growth segments in healthcare. The global retail value is projected to surpass $40 Billion by 2030 with several niches and geographies exceeding growth rates of 20% CAGR in the coming decade.

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