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Vinesh joins BCE

It is an honor to welcome Mr. Vinesh Gadhia as Senior Partner of BlackCap Equity. 

Vinesh Gadhia is one of the most seasoned and respected executives and thought-leaders in the industry – having contributed through almost 3 decades in the IVF industry in India & emerging markets.

Vinesh Gadhia has actively contributed to the growth & evolution of the IVF industry:
- as founding member & instrumental in launching several large IVF businesses in India from ground zero to its cruising altitude & #1 position.
- as one of the founding members & Chief Operating Officer of Nova IVF, SE Asia's 2nd largest chain of IVF clinics. 
- as author of several articles & being invited as guest speaker on fertility industry by leading media publications across India.
- as thought leader, helping to increase awareness of Infertility as medical disease, leading to its acceptance of treatments, helping several thousands of couples.

Vinesh comes from a position as CEO of ART Fertility (India), which he managed through the difficulties of the pandemic – getting no less than 6 new clinics built in record time.

Vinesh will be CEO for our Clinic Vertical: our investments into building, acquiring & developing high-quality clinic chains in the high-growth markets of the upcoming decade. 

Quote Vinesh Gadhia: 

“The Fertility industry in this & coming decades has immense potential to contribute to the World's GDP & GHI (Gross Happiness Index). 

We can together help millions of infertile couples to achieve their dream of parenthood.

The vision of BlackCap Equity #BlackCapEquity to create a global fertility ecosystem for all stakeholders inspires me to contribute to taking the fertility industry to its next level.  

I am super excited about this journey. Let´s go make an impact, and make this Earth a bit happier!


Please join me in congratulating Vinesh as our new member of the BlackCap family.

David T. Hansen

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