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Fund introduction:

BlackCap Healthcare Services Fund, Asia

Infertility - a global challenge

Infertility impacts 1 in 6 people and before year 2100 up to 1 billion pregnancies may not happen without clinical intervention.

IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation) is key to help millions every year to fulfil their dream of a healthy child and a family.

This makes IVF one of todays most attractive and impactful healthcare investment opportunities.

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Single Asset Investment

Co-investing with a European multi-billion EUR Fund to create one of the largest IVF clinic chains in Asia.

BlackCap Healthcare Services Fund, Asia is a Single-Asset private equity Fund and an exclusive opportunity to invest into the most attractive IVF market in the coming decade.

The Fund is acquiring a significant equity-stake in a profitable and strongly branded network of IVF clinics in Asia.

An opportunity to invest in IVF

The BlackCap Healthcare Services Fund, Asia K/S, is now open for professional and semi-professional investors (min. investment of € 2M).

For more information please contact the BlackCap investment team via email

» PRIPP KID document (Danish version)

» PRIPP KID document (English version)

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